Camscura Review – The Original Black Box Hidden Camera

Covert surveillance at home or the office can mean the difference between uncovering wrongdoing and allowing it to continue unabated. BrickHouse Security gives you the upper hand by way of its Camscura line of black box hidden cameras. Camscura used to be known as ‘Blackbox'; they are the original black box hidden camera that made BrickHouse a leading name in security and surveillance equipment.

The Camscura line includes four different models with various features and price points. All can be found on the BrickHouse website. Before you settle on just any hidden surveillance camera, check out the Camscura line. They give you the most for your money in a package that is rugged, reliable and discrete.

Camscura Micro Hidden Camera

The Camscura Micro Hidden Camera was the original everyone else tries to copy. This best-in-class hidden camera is small enough to be concealed nearly anywhere without compromising shot integrity. It is compact enough to be stored on a shelf without being noticed and just as easy to hide in a tissue box or behind a picture. However, small does not mean limited. The Camscura Micro is packed full of features you are going to love.

Camscura Micro Hidden CameraFor starters, you can choose from among five different recording modes: motion, audio or vibration activation, or timed or continuous recording. The Micro offers both 720p and 360p resolutions, a 62° sensor viewing angle, and support for micro SD storage of up to 64 MB. Maximum recording time is 10 hours; maximum standby time is 90 days.

Everything you need to start keeping track of your home or office is contained in the Camscura Micro black box hidden camera. Just charge the battery, set your recording mode and you are ready to go. Covert surveillance has never been easier.

Buy Now: $89.00

Camscura Pro Hidden Camera

If you are looking for a black box hidden camera with the same great features of the Micro but with more recording time, the Camscura Pro Hidden Camera is your best choice. You get up to 36 hours of recording per battery charge, giving you quite a bit more flexibility for deployment. Just like the Micro, the Pro is small and discreet enough to be used just about anywhere. Use it to keep an eye on the office storage closet or to verify the babysitter is performing as expected in your home.

Camscura Pro Hidden Camera

The Camscura Pro is about the same size as your average smartphone. Its sleek, black box styling is nondescript enough that you could place it on an end table along with some books and knickknacks without most people even giving it a second thought. Yet inside that little black box is a lot of power. The Pro offers adjustable resolutions of 1280×720 and 640×360, frame rates of 20 FPS and 6 FPS, micro SD capacity of 32 MB (upgradeable to 64 MB), a 90° field of view, and both day and night modes.

You can set the Pro to begin recording on detection of motion, noise, vibration, or body heat. You can also choose a predetermined time frame or just turn the camera on and allow it to record continuously. The Camscura Pro puts all the control in your hands.

Buy Now: $169

Camscura Tilt Hidden Camera

There are times when covert surveillance requires a hidden camera with a pivoting lens. At those times, the Camscura Tilt Hidden Camera gets the job done with ease. The Tilt gives you all of the raw power and reliability of the Micro and Pro models but with the added benefit of a pivoting lens that can be adjusted to take advantage of a full 160° viewing angle.

Camscura Tilt Hidden CameraResolution choices on this model are 720p (1280×720) and 360p (640×360); the sensor resolution is set at 1280 x 960. You get a maximum recording time of 10 hours on a fully charged battery along with 90 days of standby time as well. Activation modes include voice, motion or vibration. You can time your recording or let it run continuously if you prefer.

The Camscura Tilt hidden camera gives you a view of the entire room with its adjustable, pivoting lines. This is the model to choose if you need the broadest possible viewing angle without compromising the small size and discretion of a hidden black box camera.

Buy Now: $99

Camscura Lux Night Vision Hidden Camera

The most technologically advanced camera in the Camscura line is the Lux Night Vision hidden camera. With this surveillance powerhouse, you never have to miss a shot at any time of the day or night – even in complete darkness! The Lux Night Vision camera uses invisible white IR to provide the necessary illumination for nighttime surveillance and extreme low light conditions.

Camscura Lux Night Vision Hidden Camera

Most people buy the Lux Night Vision specifically for its nighttime recording capabilities. However, this camera offers an awful lot at any time of the day or night. For example, the wide-angle lens gives you a 160° viewing angle for complete surveillance of an entire room. You can even attach the camera to external sensors for automatic activation. Connect it to a window sensor to begin recording if the window is broken. Connect it to a door sensor to start recording as soon as someone enters the room.

The Lux Night Vision gives you 24 hours of continuous recording on a single battery charge; maximum standby time is 180 days. Without external sensors, you can set the camera to activate on motion, voice, body heat, or vibration. As always, you can also set the recording time or turn it on and let it run.

Camscura is the first name in hidden surveillance cameras. Whether you need to keep track of something at home or the office, Camscura gives you four great models to choose from. Each comes with everything you need to start recording out of the box. The Camscura line is affordable, reliable, effective, and very easy to use.

Please note that the Camscura line supports only Mac and PCs running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8. In addition, none of the cameras records audio despite having voice activation capabilities. Audio cannot be recorded covertly in the U.S. as per federal regulations.

5 Great Places to Hide a Black Box Hidden Camera

The world of covert surveillance is a vast and open one for the average consumer. For example, a homeowner could purchase a covert spy camera manufactured to look like a wall clock, an AC adapter, an air freshener, or just about anything else. Yet there are times when a simple black box hidden camera is a better option. Black box cameras have the advantage of being deployable in virtually any situation, unlike devices that are made to look like something specific.

The key to a black box hidden camera is to find creative ways to hide it. We have listed five options below based on the Camscura Micro Hidden Camera. We chose the Micro because it was one of the first products in its class. Today it is still a category leader.

1. Tissue Box

Hiding a black box video camera in a tissue box is very easy to do and incredibly cost-effective. Just use a bit of steam to loosen the glue holding together one of the side flaps, then remove enough tissue from the bottom of the stack to provide adequate room for your camera. Measure and cut a hole for the lens, place the camera inside, and use a dab of white glue to close the flap again. What makes this such a great idea is the fact that a tissue box rarely looks out of place in any room.


2. Plastic Flower Pot

If you are the kind of person who decorates with artificial flowers or trees, the plastic pot that holds them makes the perfect receptacle for your camera. Just measure and drill a hole for the camera lens and you are ready. Artificial potted plants can be put on tables, bookshelves, or counter tops; artificial trees can be placed in the corner of a room to give you full view of the space.

3. Behind a Picture

Most cameras in the same class as the Camscura Micro are no bigger than a standard cell phone. You can purchase an inexpensive framed picture from a flea market or garage sale for wall-mounting your camera behind it. With the help of a little bit of poster putty, you can easily put your camera in place with the lens aligned with a small hole you strategically create within the artwork. Alternatively, you can use a framed picture sitting on a coffee table or bookshelf.

4. Video Game Console

If you have a black video game console, you also have a great place to hide your black box camera without needing to drill any holes or open any seems. Just set the box on top of your console and place a game controller or CD case next to it. Most people will not even notice the black box; those who do will simply assume it is part of your game console.

5. In Plain View

Sometimes the best hiding place is no hiding place at all. Putting a black box camera in plain view can be the most effective way to get the footage you are after without anyone knowing. For example, placing the black box on a bookshelf packed to capacity with books allows the camera to fade from view against a backdrop of so many pieces of literature. You might be surprised how many people walk by the shelf and never even notice the box.

Of course, if your black box video camera is discovered, you may have some explaining to do. However, that is a small price to pay if you have reason to believe that activities in your home need to be monitored.